Ambasador Sealskinz

Sealskinz ambassador

Firma Sealskinz Ltd. este cea care produce faimoasele şosete impermeabile la apă, care devin tot mai populare şi în România.

Dacă eşti o persoană activă outdoor, care utilizează intens echipamentul Sealskinz şi ai experienţă pentru a scrie în limba engleză, poţi deveni “Ambasador Sealskinz”.

Sună tentant? Te rog să citeşti cu atenţie textul de mai jos:

“We are seeking applications from individuals from all backgrounds that partake in interesting, unusual, noteworthy activities that show SealSkinz products in action, whatever the weather.

Whether you’re committed to your sport, your daily commute or you are planning an extreme endurance adventure this year, we want to hear from you!

We are looking for team members that can show a regular commitment to posting interesting and engaging written content that includes images of you putting your SealSkinz products to the test in approximately 300-500 words.

Video content is particularly desirable and we would like you to film yourself in action whenever possible. Your content must be unique and of your own experiences and must be relevant to the SealSkinz brand.

Formular de înscriere